Thursday, May 10, 2012

Artful Patina by Surajt "Bomti" Iyengar from Elle Decor.

This fantastic article, originally featured in Elle Decor India, was brought our attention recently and we knew it was a 'must post' on RLD. The thick sand and lime walls of this 1903 mixed-use former department store apartment in Calcutta are studded with family tradition and Bengal Art. 20 foot ceilings? It has them. Burmese teak floors? That, too. Much of the furniture featured in the images below dates back several generations to a time when the world was truly different place.

This historical home is one-of-a-kind and rarity in this day and age. The article concludes with Iyengar describing his love for hosting; cooking local dishes, fresh hot tea, and discussions about art. We're not going to invite ourselves, per say, but how about it...can we come?

Photography by Henry Wilson.

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