Thursday, May 3, 2012

1.3 Chair.

by Ki-Hyun Kim.

Paintings by Peter Tunney.

Part pop artist, part typographer, part inspirational life coach, and part businessman, NY painter Peter Tunney makes art for the ambitious and goal-minded. His text-based paintings, typically large in scale and focused on rebellious American themes such as "Banana Pancakes," guns, and American Flags, have become a very hot commodity in the past few years, especially since recent collaborations with environment Furniture. The work featured in this post is all one-of-a-kind and available through Shelter Half, but it doesn't come cheap. Pieces started at 10K and only go up from there. Start saving now because these are only going to get more and more valuable! Great stuff.

Let Me Live (Here.)

Photographer Unknown.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cabin Porn.

Recently we've been drooling at our screens, staring at these crisp images from Cabin Porn. Don't worry; this site is work safe, unless your boss has an issue with steadfast, lone structures holding up proudly against the elements of vast spaces. We think we might have a problem, though. We have, and will, spend hours on this blog. Here's just a sample of the true sexiness of cabins.


It just doesn't get much better than this. RLD Approved! Period.

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The Neo Shaker Lounge Chair by environment Furniture.

This gorgeously designed armchair originally caught our eye on display over at Shelter Half, a pop-up gallery/marketplace on La Brea Ave in Los Angeles. Filled with down, it took our breath away when we plopped onto it. Just as ergonomically comfortable as it looks, the Neo Shaker Lounge Chair is the perfect chair for filling that space in your home, and heart, for sitting and listening to records or reading your favorite periodical. A beautiful chair. 


The Neo Shaker Lounge Chair is a beautifully crafted Shaker inspired lounge chair, made from American Black Walnut harvested in family-run forests in the Northeast of the United States. This chair was skillfully made by a traditional furniture maker in Delaware, and the Frederic Frety design is a pure jewel. The contrast of the reclaimed shelter half army canvas gives a modern twist to this traditional piece that will be the center of attention in any setting. Designed by Fred Frety. Entirely made in the U.S.A.